Some images I made.

Despite the subtitle of the website, my graphics work is usually mostly finished.

“Menger Gold”

An inverse Menger sponge.

Look here for more infos on Menger sponges.


The image was done using LightWave3D 7.5





That’s a display of my poor Rubik’s-Cube solving skills.

Don’t be fooled by the title. The cube is unfinished, not the picture.




 And for those who like it dark: The Glowing One.

Software: Lightwave 3D / Photoshop

"The Hive"

“The Hive”

Playing around with the 3D object from a rather disappointing logo design lead to this picture.







Take four synthesizers, a couple of filters and LFO’s, a good old analog oscilloscope and you can make amazing Lissajous curves.

Software-Synth: Ableton Live, analog oscilloscope: a very old EO213 from the early eighties. The photo was taken with a Canon 450D.



 The setup looked something like this. However, this is from an earlier session where I took video footage of Lissajous curves.

See here for more information about making lissajous curves.