Lab Fuckery of the Week #3

When you forget to bring the mains cable.

Soldering station with power supply alteration.

Well, granted, it’s not so much “Lab”, but definitely a lot of “fuckery” here.

I’ve been on a field job with my soldering station, leaving the mains cable at home.
Well done idiot!

So I quickly opened the soldering station, stuck and taped two wires into the blade connectors from the mains input socket and threaded them out of the case.

Then I opened one of the many extension cords that were lying around and I “rewired” the lines to the station. In my defense, I used proper cable connectors – at least outside of the case.

The cable strap fixes the power cord to the case, so I don’t accidentally rip the whole shebang out of the case, exposing the wires, potentially with the open wires touching each other.

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