LED Light Bar

There will be light!


I built this LED light bar for the kitchen of my parents.


Some quick technical data:

  • Width: 2 meters (6′ 6.74″)
  • Power: ~20W @ 24V
  • 2 LED strips: 6000K / 4000K
  • Weight: ~3kg (6.614 lb)
  • Building Time: ~60 hours

The Build

Everything starts with a sketch and the obligatory (for me) 3D model.








And then off to the improvised “Table-Saw”.


It’s actually a regular jigsaw mounted upside down on a board. I cut all the wooden boards and the acrylic tubing and sheets with this setup.

Random pictures from the Build

It’s mostly from the last stages of the assembly.

 build_acryl An acrylic tube was cut in half.Then the two halfes were glued to a strip of acrylic.This picture was taken after I coated the half-tubes with white varnish to make them opaque.

The center strip was covered with tape to keep it transparent.

 build_led_stripes A piece of regular floor laminate is used as the mounting board for the LED strips.
build_boards The top board is made of plywood and it’s screwed to threaded holes in the laminate LED board.
build_first_fit Prefitting time!This picture was taken before all the boards were cut to final length.
build_side_flushcut That’s right after I cut the boards and the acrylic parts flush and sanded the ends.
build_endcap For stability and aesthetic reasons, and to keep bugs out, the ends were closed off by a small piece of wood.
build_final_assembly And the finished end cap.
build_wall_mount The wall mount is a regular curtain wall mount from the hardware store.It’s used upside down in this case.The aluminium tube is mainly a design part but it adds some stability as well.
build_air_vents A few mesh covered holes for air circulation prevent moisture from building up inside the lamp and keep insects out.The moisture thing is important because it’s mounted right above the cooking area in the kitchen.
build_complete That’s one half finished. Yes, I built two of these.
kitchen_mounted And here it is in it’s final place.