Cardboard Carpentry – A Table for The Oscilloscope

Cluttered Workbench? No place for the scope? Here’s the solution.
Made from Trash.

There you go.

The Table is made from corrugated cardboard and three juice bottles.

The top is made of three layers of cardboard. In the middle layer the corrugation is turned perpendicular to the corrugation of the top and bottom layer. That’s to increase the strength.

The layers are glued together using wood glue.

Bottom view

Bottle “leg” held by hot snot.

Top view

In order to make the connection of the “legs” of the table stronger, there’s a small base around the bottom of the bottle. It’s made of three layers of cardboard which are also glued with wood glue.

There’s also three little cardboard triangles on each bottle to add a bit of extra strength. But because the bottle is glued to both the table and base using lots of hot melt glue, there’s really not much need for that extra support.
So it’s mostly there because it looks cool.