New Toy #2 – An Old Machine

Introducing: The Lathe

One more tool to create unfinished projects with.


From an off-hand comment to an actual thing in my shop.

Talking with a friend about whatever, I made a brief side-tracked comment on how awesome it would be to have a lathe. My friend picks up on that: “I have an old lathe kicking around in my basement – interested?”

“Shut up and take my money!!”

Well, I didn’t say that, but the pictures speak for themselves.

Technical Stuff

The motor runs at about 120 Watts. Speeds range from 132 rpm to 1300 rpm. There’s a gearbox-ish thingy attached to the spindle for speed reduction.

The gears on the left can be moved in and out.

Wiring a 3-phase motor for single-phase supply. This is temporary wiring – hopefully.

Travel of the cross table is 75 mm in both directions. The chuck can open up to 30 mm. The longest workpiece can be about 200 mm. Spindle bore is 9.5 mm.

The motor is actually a three phase motor. It was wired for 400 Volts in Y configuration. I rewired it to 230 Volts single phase delta configuration with a capacitor in a steinmetz circuit to “emulate” the third phase.

Lots Of Extra Stuff

I got a whole bunch of extra accessories with the machine.

One of the jaws is broken 🙁

More Fun

I turned a few things, just to practice a bit and get to know the machine. Test the limits – kinda.

I also tried to use the lathe as a milling machine. Worked quite well – for a first try, anyway.



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